Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional who works with locks and keys. Their work is centered on helping secure people’s homes and other property or gain access to them when they get locked out. A locksmith can pick different locks, repair them, make duplicate keys, test locks after installation and even handle automotive locksmithing as well commercial/legal aspects of the craftsmanship.

Q: Do locksmiths need qualifications to operate in Brisbane?

Yes they do. For anybody to become a locksmith in Brisbane, he or she has to meet a number of qualifications. First, they’d need manual agility, good technical skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and good communication skills.


To acquire these qualifications, one must go through an apprenticeship program

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Q: How Do I Choose A Good Locksmith?

One way we would suggest when looking to hire a locksmith is for 3rd party approval. In other words, check if the locksmith has been approved by a locksmith association. Recommendations and word of mouth are also a good way of finding a reliable locksmith.

Q: What Is Key Cutting?

Key cutting is a process that involves making an entirely new key or a duplicate one. It’s basically just the re-shaping of blank metal key and is done by a key-cutting machine.

The process involves;

  • Placing the blank key and the original one on top of each other – this guides the cutting machine into making the right indentation
  • The necessary indentation and groves are cut
  • Finally the cut key is deburred (its sharp edges are filed) and it’s ready to use.

Q: What Is A Dead Lock?

A deadlock is any lock that has a bolt that cannot be retracted by wedging it with a piece of metal or any other tool. This locking mechanism cannot be moved to the open position except by rotating the lock-cylinder with a key.

Q: I’ve Lost My Car Keys, can you help?

Yes. We also specialize in auto locksmith services in case you lose your car keys or need replacement keys or even when you accidentally lock yourself in the car.

Q: Should I Change Locks After Buying A New Home?

Yes you should. You can never be too careful when it comes to looking after your valuables. Change the locks at least a week before you move in.

Q: Is It Worth Getting Digital Keyless Lock For My House?

It may be a worthy investment. Digital keyless locks come in many kinds; some are biometric others are smart phone controlled while others are just proximity locks. These are very hard to break into.

Q: How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Depending on the service, locksmith services can cost anywhere between $90 to $350. Ask for a quote when speaking to our team.

Q: Do You Have An Emergency Locksmith Service?

Yes we do. Call us anytime you have an emergency and we will send an on-call locksmith to your location within 90 minutes.

Q: What are your operating hours?

The usual business hours For NO1 Locksmith Brisbane is 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Our emergency service is available on call 24/7.

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