Customer Testimonials

In my food business, the biggest problem I face is the constant attacks by thieves. However such problems are no longer a worry to me. Since I started working with No1 Locksmith Brisbane, I have never experienced any problem with insecurity. I called these guys and they gave me a life time solution. My locks are up to the standards and no body can even think of breaking them. Thanks so much. Thanks very much to Mark and the whole No1 Locksmith team for always being available whenever i need them. Dealing with you guys is always a pleasure to me.

–Andrew, Albion

My wife says thank you. She was freaking out when thieves broke in our home one year ago and got away with some basic stuff. After trying several locks and realizing that they were not enough security, we called No1 Locksmith Brisbane. Thanks for the quality locks you gave us.

–Jeremy, Aspley

Thanks so much for the quality locks you gave us. The whole family of Brook House School is very happy about the secure locks you installed for us. Students now feel that their properties are safe and everyone is happy. Guys at No1 Locksmith Brisbane really are good at your job

–Brook House School

What you did to us made us so happy. Thank you so much to the whole team that came over and did a great job. You guys are real professionals. Now the whole work office is satisfied with everyone able to securely lock their files in a safe place. We will surely call back to you if we need you. Big thanks to the manager for such cooperation.

–Nicholas, Algester

I have had the pleasure of working with the No1 Locksmith in Brisbane and I can say for sure that they are number one in fixing locks in the whole of Brisbane. The staff members are well trained and equipped with all the necessary equipment to do their job. I loved how you fixed my door locks in just few minutes. Thanks to Steve and all the team that came over.

–Howie, Dutton Park

I had never thought about what I would do if I lost my car keys. Then the unthinkable happened and I did not know where to start from. Then my friend told me I could try contacting a locksmith and so I called the No1 Locksmith Brisbane. I am so happy that you guys helped me get back to my car. I love how you work

–Graeme, Karawatha

The way you guys treated me was great. I didn’t know that there are professionals who could reproduce keys very well in Brisbane. Steve is a real genius. Thank you so much for being of such help to me.

–Fletcher, Parkinson

I don’t know what i would have done without you guys. I was totally locked out and I just realized how important the No1 Locksmith Brisbane is important to us here. You made me proud of living in Brisbane.

–McPherson, Upper Mount Gravatt

This may sound funny but I had actually locked my keys in my car. There is no possibility that I would have ever recovered them. Thanks to the best locksmith company in Brisbane- No1 Locksmith that I got back to my car. Continue doing your great job.

–Roche, Rocklea

The No1 Locksmith Brisbane is an affordable, reliable locksmith company that is great to do business with. Their locksmith was a good listener and he did exactly what I wanted. Apart from being attentive, he also suggested some possible alternatives to consider which sounded more reasonable to me. After agreeing on the work and the estimated time, the price came in well below my budget and I was happy. He came back the following day and my back door hinges were fixed. I wouldn’t hesitate using the No1 Locksmith again.

–Jenny Wald, City of Ipswich

After calling the contact I had been given by a friend, I received a friendly customer care service. This made me confident on what I was to expect after Roland the locksmith knocked my door. I needed several keys for locks and Roland went about everything in no-fuss and efficient manner. Am very happy and would recommend you again to my friends just as I was recommended.

–Mark Fibbs, Reland City

Mark changed the locks on our new home and added window locks to all our windows. It took him approximately four hours and everything was done. I was impressed on how he cleaned his area of work after I he was done. He keyed all our locks including the kitchen and the garage so they all work off on one key. I will use you again and again!

–Melisa Brown, Brisbane City

As someone who is careful and cautious on who I hire and trust with my home, it was a real pleasure working with Johnston from the No1 Locksmith Brisbane. He replaced the deadlock on our front door and the garage. His professional attitude and friendly nature will make me recommended the company and use them again.

–Luis, South Brisbane

To find a locksmith willing to come to Bowen Hills is difficult enough, but the No1 Locksmith Brisbane team was more than happy to come and finish making locks for our new home. They provided a high quality solution to ensure that our doors and windows were okay and well fixed. Their price was okay and they promised to check in in case of any default. If you need fast, friendly services, the No1 Locksmith will do.

–Linda and Ben Arrow, Bowne Hills

I have a restaurant in Wilston Brisbane and I had to call No1 Locksmith Brisbane for their services after my front door had issues. Prior to using No1 Locksmith Brisbane, it was tough finding reliable locksmiths in Wilston. They came in time and dealt with the problem. I now have 3 spare keys and the door is working perfectly. I can now do business without my customers having a problem on the front door. There was no interruptions and the service was quick.

–Kayle Andrew, Wiston Brisbane

It has been a pleasure working with No1 Locksmith Brisbane. Larry and Mark always deliver excellent service with a smile. My new business will start running next week and I want to thank them for fixing my windows and doors. I am confident with them and will always recommend them to my friends.

–James R, Albion